How to Advertise Free on the Internet with Mailers

So I asked myself how to advertise free on the internet with mailers? Mailers are a great way to advertise on the internet but a lot of them are expensive. Not only are they costly some of the poorer ones don’t get you very many sales. This is where it pays to search out the best mailers that cost the least and work the best.

My first choice is a fellow Canadian named Matthew Graves. He came up with a mailer that reaches thousands of different proven buyers.Launched March 27th. A Viral Mailer That Builds Your List. Matthew Graves just launched a new safe-list / viral mailer program like no mailer you have ever seen. I am sure that you have seen the ads for his last launch, Your Viral List, which has taken the industry by storm in the 6 weeks since it launched. Almost 5,000 members added to the lists of people promoting the program so far and thousands in commissions earned.


Advertise Free using Top Mailers


Now Matthew has launched Your Viral Mailer, which incorporates all the viral list building features of his last program into a safe-list or viral mailer. You promote your referral url for Your Viral Mailer and when someone joins, they also get added to your list at the auto-responder of your choice. You build your down line in the program and your auto-responder list at the same time.You even earn 50% commissions on upgrades by your referrals. Premium Members get 1,000 credits per day and the ability to email daily for a ridiculously low 90 day upgrade price. You can also earn your upgrade by passing up referrals to your sponsor. Join Your Viral Mailer today using the link below to really Supercharge Your Success.


What I found interesting when I joined this free mailer is when you upgrade and send a mail your email goes to all his other mailers members as well. I found this very interesting. I sent a mail then was looking at my home email and lo and behold My message had gone viral and was being read on numerous other mailers. When you upgrade you get an option for the Super Solo Ad deal.


Do Mailers Work


There are hundreds if not thousands of so called free mailers out there. Which ones work and which ones don’t. Hard to say. How often do you go to a mailer and click on the messages to get points? Gets quite boring after a few clicks doesn’t it. My conclusion is that most marketers read their own personal email daily. This is where a good Solo Ad campaign can pay off.


When you join Matthew Graves Mailers you will get a chance to get a great deal on his Super Solo Ad program. You can send Solo Ads to all his Mailers Members private email box. Solo Ads through him are literally sent to thousands of members and you can see how many clicks you got. All in all you get some pretty excellent mailing power for you buck using his mailers.

Worlds Best Mailer


Worlds Best Mailers. To have a mailer with a name like that you have a lot to live up to. So why do I like this mailer so much, it is sure not much to look at. Sometimes the ugly ducklings have a inner beauty. This is true with the Worlds Best Mailer. You see this mailer is a powerful Solo Ad sender! Yes, to tens of thousands of members. You can get this mailer with these Mega Solo Ads for free.

If you sign up you can get a free Super JV membership for life free. This membership allows you to email the entire network of thousands of members private inboxes. This little mailer is very powerful. You are mailing mostly US marketers and these guys are out to make money online. Like I mentioned before the way for a mailer to  work well is to reach the private inboxes of proven buyers. This little gem does that very well for free.

What happens when you sign up you will be getting lot’s of offers from the entire network to join their mailers. They will be offering you free mega solo ads. Sign up free and send free solos to thousands of proven buyers. You can even get a lifetime free upgrade to ton’s of mailers with free credits every month. This network reaches thousands daily with one mega solo ad. Sign up and try it out.


What about blasters

You can try using the blaster I have put together with lot’s of free mailers. These mailers are pretty good in the sense that they are well made, popular, got lot’s of members, easy to use. Copy this rotator link and use it to mail your sales pitches. Free to join and fun to use. I use it all the time as my personal mailer. Traffic is what you need. Mailers get you traffic. Period. One of the best ways to advertise online.

When you join these mailers use their other advertising as well. They all come with text and banner ads. Use this medium to increase your sales. There is no such thing as too much advertising.I have made it simple and easy for people interested in finding and posting on the free ad sites. Not just any old ad site either. These are the best free ad sites the internet has to offer. Sites like Million Leads for Free can pull you in one heck of a lot of free traffic daily.

King of Traffics Free Advertise  Blaster


So how does the Ad Blaster work? Making things easy for you I selected the best Free Advertising sites on the internet and placed them on a giant rotator. All the work is done for you. Every day I scour the internet searching for the best free advertising sites. When I find one that meets the requirements and the high standards of great free advertising. I place these sites on the Rotate Urls giant rotator.

Rotators are really a great way to keep all your programs organized. Sometimes your programs get put on the back burner and forgotten about. Using a rotator keeps all your programs together. Just add and subtract programs any time you want. You can add your old programs to an unused rotator to keep track of them. You can get your own free rotator clicking on the Big Red Button below.


King of Traffics Free Ad Blaster


Now that you found me, don’t lose me. Book Mark this page. Make it one of your favorites. Share it with your friends. Come back daily and use the mailers or the Text Ad Sites. Mailers are a great way to get free traffic. The mailers on the rotators are the hottest new mailers that are getting the most traffic. Traffic is what we are after. Paid traffic is also available if you have an advertising budget. Leased Ad Space is an example of one of the paid advertising sites you will find.


You can get a lot of traffic from the solo ad sites on the rotator. Did you know that sites like Ad Commissions has free solo ads. Adcheiver is another great free solo ad site. You get free solo ads by achieving rewards. You will find all these great sites on the mailer rotator and the text ad rotator. Nothing like great free advertising sites to get you daily traffic.


King of Traffics Free Advertise  Blaster


King of Traffics Free Ad Blaster
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