Advertise to thousands of Websites with the Ad Blaster


This is the ONLY site that have these ad blasters.

It will literally expose your websites to 4+ MILLION people, even if using them just ONCE.

You just found a goldmine that benefits YOU this time
 An enormous amount of programming work went into these blasters to ensure that they work well and as fast as possible. They work extremely good for advertising.

 This will get traffic to your web pages. EVERY member will get quality advertising. You’ll get unlimited views on your textad just by joining us, plus viral (true viral!) banner advertising for 4 of your sites/programs.

 PLUS this offers you a GREAT opportunity to earn money referring advertisers!


Click here to view the One-Of-A-Kind Blasters

All your ads are saved for both blasters.
Plus, both have been simplied to be fast, straight forward and very easy to use!

You just pick which ad you want to use, and just click a button.
You can use different ads for different sites also.

If it’s a traffic exchange, it inserts your site to be surfed by members on that site.
If it’s the massive TAE (text ad exchange), it shows your ad on 1468 other websites.
If it’s a safelist, it puts it in the queue to be emailed to all members, and on some sites it puts it in the onsite email boxes.

2 Tier CommissionsA “Colossal” BlasterA “Poppin” BlasterMake $$$ Money!Get Advertising Today!IT IS AMAZIN

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