Advertise Free on the Internet with Text Ads


There is a really good way to advertise free on the internet that will get you a ton of backlinks to your site and that is with text ads. This is really great set and forget free advertising. You write a great text ad with a great, captivating title and you post it on a text ad or classified ad site.

The search engines pick up the links on these ads and will lift your web site higher in the rankings giving you more free traffic. The more text ads you write the more traffic you will get. Some text ad sites will run your free ads for weeks at a time and some even have an auto post feature so you only have to write your ads once. This is a little costly but a really cool feature and a great way to build up hundreds and even thousands of back links to your sites to get you more free traffic.

One really good auto post site that is new and run by internet marketer Phil Mair is a well visited site that has thousands and thousands of members. These members will be perusing your ads daily and bringing you a lot of free traffic.


What makes AutoPost Ads worth while?

You only have to setup your ad once and forget about it for 30 days. Your ads will post daily and you’ll get tons of clicks to your ads because they stand out from the rest and get massive exposure. Save time and make money with your traffic on autopilot!


                                       Text Ad Rotator

I have made it easy and fun to get a ton of backlinks and a whole lot of free traffic using the Text Ad Rotator. You just click on the button and post your free ads. These are a collection of the top text ad exchanges on the internet and you will get traffic, guaranteed from these sites. Plus you can make money online promoting them. To Advertise Free on the Internet you should be using the free text ads to get more traffic to your ads.

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