Advertise Free on the Internet King of Traffic

Advertise Free on the Internet King of Traffic

Hey Guys it’s Brent here alias the King of Traffic. Someone has to be King. Today I would like to talk about free advertising on the internet. Many marketers will tell you that free advertising is a waste of your precious energy and maybe their right. I mean who want’s to click on ads all day long to get a few credits. This maybe so and their probably right. A better way to get tons of free advertising is to take the cheapest update on advertising sites. I know it’s not free but after a small investment you get a ton more free advertising credits.

Many sites will double your credits for example when you click on an ad after you upgrade. One really great example of this is the Tezzler Mailer. They have an upgrade option called Free Plus. This upgrade is a one time low payment so I grabbed it right away. Tezzler has been in the advertising game for many years and they just entered the mailer arena. Anyone that has been marketing awhile has heard of Traffic Exchanges. Tezzler has been among the leaders in that field and now they have a mailer. Once you buy the Free Plus option which I did you get an amazing amount of Free Advertising.

Free Plus Benefits

I only paid six dollars for this Free Plus program and man does it have a lot of benefits. When I get the normal click through email which is sent to me the credits have jumped. Did I mention this Free Plus upgrade is a one time payment for life! Pretty amazing. Now when I click on a Tezzler email I get my credits are exploding. Most of the time I will get 40 credits for just clicking. Then my credits jump up to 100 credits just for clicking on an email ad. Gold members only get 40 credits for clicking on an email and there paying 19 dollars a month. Free Plus is only a one time payment for life.!

Now I can’t promise you the same results. For sure I don’t know if the Free Plus Program is even still around. When you join as a free member keep your eyes peeled for this offer. Tezzler mailer is growing like wildfire and is going to be huge. New members are joining daily so your ads are going to get noticed. As far as I know Advertising for Free on the Internet is a piece of cake. When I get an email I only have to click on ads for a few minutes to get hundreds of free advertising credits. Believe me it’s a lot cheaper than paying hundreds of dollars a year for low results on inferior programs. So yes you can get results from using the free advertising sites.

Watch for Deals

To Advertise Free on the Internet you must join the top Free Advertising Mailers. Once a free member watch for the deals or take the lowest entry option. You are going to get a ton of free credits or at least more credits than a free member for the same effort. Sometimes you have to plant a seed or two to watch the plant grow. Same goes for advertising. Plant some seeds and what them grow.

You can also earn money with the Tezzler Mailer. You can earn commissions by promoting Tezzler Mail using the tools in the Affiliate Toolbox Be sure to enter your Payment address on your Profile page.

Commission Policy

  1. They pay out weekly, on Fridays using, Coinbase, or Bitcoin address.
  2. You MUST select the payment type on the Profile page and add the appropriate address in order to be paid.
  3. Minimum payout for commissions is $10.00
  4. Payments will be held for 30 days to allow for refunds.
  5. No hoops! Everybody gets paid regardless of member level, and regardless of the type of cash in their account (prizes or commissions, all will be paid).

Viral Mailers are the new Traffic Exchanges

Despite their critics, the email exchange business
model is alive and well.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that there’s never
been a better time to add these programs to your
marketing mix.

Viral mailers, in particular, have come on leaps and
bounds over the last few years and have developed a
level of sophistication that make them more effective
than ever before.

In fact I’m going to set the cat among’st the pigeons
here and suggest that viral mailers have become the
new traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchanges, for example, only allow you to show
your website to those members that take the time to

Whereas viral mailers allow you to reach people while
they’re doing what everybody does, usually multiple
times a day… checking their email.

PS: Did you know A recent study concluded that
email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new
customers than Facebook and Twitter.

(Source: McKinsey
& Company)

It just makes sense to be using the Mailers in your advertising. Mailers are free to join and like I said before keep your eyes open for the deals. I got the Free Plus Option with the Tezzler Mailer and now I get tons of free credits for life on a great mailer. Good mailers keep growing and you can grow with them. Take action today and join the Tezzler Mailer.