Advertise Free on the Internet with the King of Traffic

Welcome to the King of Traffics Free Advertising site. I know what your thinking, free advertising sites suck. Well your probably right most of them do. That is why I am the King. What I have done is find the best, the absolute best free advertising sites. Believe you me you are about to get a whole ton of traffic with very little effort.

For example let’s look at traffic coops. These things are a great for to get a whole lot of traffic free. Personally I like they way they show your site visually. Let’s look at one I use quite a bit called theDownliner. Maybe you have heard of it before and even tried it out with out much success. Do you know you can get a ton of free traffic with this site.

Advertise Free on the Internet with the King of Traffic

I realize you have to pay to get your site rotating with theDownliner but i will show you how to get a ton of free traffic with it. Sign up to the site and upgrade using their lowest price plan. What this does is give you an awesome commission system. Every time you can get someone to join you will get paid. Of course commissions will vary but everyone needs advertising. Once you make a commission you simply transfer it over into credits. That’s right, free advertising credits on thousands of sites.

The trick is to use theDownliner affiliate link to attract signups. Seeing that you are advertising on the Traffic Exchanges using a coop traffic exchange system it works. Targeting Traffic Exchange users with a Traffic Exchange coop sign up link is like dangling juicy bait in front of a hungry fish. It creates a viral circle of free advertising. Sign up new users, get free credits, exchange them for more free advertising.

free traffic theDownliner

Advertise Free on the Internet with the King of Traffic

The Viral Traffic coop is another advertising system that puts your web sites on thousands of traffic exchanges. You can also use this coop free also. Once you join for free you can just visit the solo ad section and browse ads. Get free credits to advertise free on the Traffic Exchanges.

This Viral coop site also has many brother and sister sites you can use to get a whole lot of advertising. Just like theDownliner they have links you can use on the Exchanges to get signups. These signups will convert into credits. Another way they get credits also is just to share them. When you put it together and use these coops in this method you will end up with a whole ton of free advertising. Instead of going to one traffic exchange and surfing for credits Stop. Instead join one of these coops and use their links.

These links you share will give you free credits to advertise your site on thousands of traffic exchanges. Place your signup link in the rotators and you will get credits for each display. Gain new members and also get free credits. Your site will get a lot of exposure on the internet and will be seen by thousands if you use the coops daily.

Advertise Free on the Internet with the King of Traffic

My favorite way to use the coops is to pay for an upgrade and then promote the signup links. This gives you more credits in different ways and it targets the audiences you want to target. Traffic Exchanges! Believe me it does not take long for viewers to notice. After all if you were clicking for hours trying to get a few views on a traffic exchange you know how hard it can be.

Using the coops the easy way will save you hours and hours of relentless surfing that is getting you nowhere. The viral coop also has a traffic exchange builder which is kinda cool. Use simply add your id to the listed exchange and build viral members under you. This method will get your more ad credits as well as a little cash. Check out the viral coop and see what it might do for you.

Opinion of the Free Advertising coops

The Viral coops can really work well for your free advertising. If your willing to do a little work and a little browsing daily your ads will get seen. Spend a little money and invest a little time you can also get a ton of free advertising if done following the above methods.

Check it out and see what it can do for your business.

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