How do I Advertise Free on the Internet


You probably got a great new Website set up and now your wondering how do I advertise free on the internet. We all don’t have hundreds of dollars every month to spend on advertising and certainly don’t want to click on ads all day to get free traffic.


Don’t worry my friends the king of traffic has an easy solution for you to advertise on the internet and get ton’s of traffic for absolutely free. Yes, free traffic and all you have to do is just click on the king and sign up to one of the great free advertising sites I have found.


So how do you make money online and how do I advertise free on the internet because I don’t have any money to pay for advertising. Good question my friends. You want hundreds of unique visitors because that is the key to making sales.



You want to write a nice text ad. Yes a nice text ad works. When people are joining text ad sites they are joining for a reason. They want to see what’s new on the adboards and they also want to post their business on the adboards.



Did you know that text ads are seo friendly. This simply means if you write a nice one the search engines pick up on them. If you don’t believe me just Google How do I post free ads and see what you come up with. If you googled how do I post free ads you will notice one thing. Classified Ad sites pop up!



This means one thing folks. People are looking at classified ad and text ad sites and are joining them. The main reason is they are free and the no1 reason is people are being sent their by the search engines. This is the main reason you should be joining and posting ads to the adboards.



So being the King of Traffic I have done a ton of research on these Classified Ad sites and I have posted the best ones on my adboard rotator. You can find this rotator by visiting my site Advertise Free on the



I have made advertising and finding these classified ad site a piece of cake for you. Just visit





and post free ads using the simple adboard rotator. Signing up is free to all these sites and you get a bunch of free advertising credits when you join. Just write a nice text ad with an interesting title and short message to intrigue your visitor and you will get traffic. When you write one of these ads they are free so only last a short time so it does take a little effort to get free advertising. What’s that saying, nothing is free in life except the air you breathe and maybe some crappy water.



These text ads are free but they do take a little effort but the effort will be worth it. To advertise free on the internet you have to rise above the masses because a lot of people are posting ads out there. They of course want you to read their ads. When you visit these sites you will see hundreds of them. Do you notice that some stick out and make you want to click on them? Use these ideas to come up with your own interesting titles to make people want to click on your ads so you can get some free advertising.




Ok you probably want me to recommend one of my favorite sites to post on the adboards. Well I can’t really pick one because I like them all so you can just click on the rotator and keep clicking until you find one that you think is the best. Check out the memberships and traffic stats and see if you think it is worth your efforts…




The Kings Rotator …Click on the King


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