Free AdBoards are a great way to get Free Traffic



Hey it’s Brent here alias the King of Traffic. Why am I King you might ask. Simple answer is I love finding new and exciting free advertising sites for you to post free ads. Me of course too. Did you know that the Free AdBoards are a great way to get Free Traffic? Well they are and one of my favorites is a cool little site called Free AdBoards. Easy to remember anyways.


Classified Ads are a great way to get traffic  but the smaller Text Ad sites work quite well also. Make sure you get one that is popular. Last thing you want is an unpopular text ad site that gets no views. Earning while you advertise sites are quite popular. These are sites where you can earn a few bucks while also advertising your stuff. Win, win if you ask me. Members like these sites and visit often to see if they made any money.




Not only will you get a ton of free traffic you can also make a few bucks on the side. Just pay the lifetime fee of ten bucks and you can start making moola with your very own AdBoard. Post free ads daily. No waiting or hanging around for hours. Write and click.





Text Ads can really help you get a lot of free traffic coming to your site. I am not a big fan of Ad Blasters of any kind. Do they work, maybe, I just don’t think they do. Better to have some great Text Sites in your advertising ammo and use them as often as you can. Get the best ones. Ones with lot’s of looky loos. That is what you want. People looking at your text ads. This is one reason why I like the Free AdBoards. Lot’s and lots of looky loos looking at your ads.


Writing text ads is also kind of challenging and can test your writing skills. Reading other text ads on the boards can give you a good example what is interesting and what is not. What kind of text ad are you clicking on. Ones that have something similar to your own interest most likely. Stick to categories and sites in your niche and you should do well. Post ads within the same interests as your own.



Similar AdBoards


Health home business ads should be placed in areas where people are looking for health care products. No sense putting an ad in the help wanted for a used car. Most classified  ad sites have categories so look carefully which one fits your ads best. This goes with all your ads. Post them in places where people are looking for similar products and services. Targeted traffic is the key to success on the internet when it comes to marketing.



No matter what you are promoting you will always do best when your ads are targeted and have a great title. Titles are very important and you can google the top titles that get clicks to get an idea what is working. Also you want to be advertising on sites that people actually buy stuff. Freebie sites are ok I guess but most people there got no money and are looking for free stuff.


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